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Tastes like a treat.
But doesn’t act like one.

Glucerna® shakes and bars are more than delicious treats. They’re delicious and nutritious treats that help curb cravings and manage blood sugar*— so you can stay on track.


Glucerna produces a smaller peak change in blood sugar and a lower blood sugar response than high-glycemic carbs (like potatoes, bread, and instant oatmeal).

In some studies, Glucerna has been compared to instant oatmeal. The graph below represents how Glucerna and Glucerna Hunger Smart® shakes produce smaller peak changes in blood sugar and lower overall blood sugar responses than instant oatmeal.

Adapted from 2 studies in people with diabetes:
1. Abbott Study BL33, 2017.
2. Devitt AA. Et al. J Diabetes Res Clin Metab. 2012,1:20.


*Designed to help minimize blood sugar spikes in people with diabetes compared to high-glycemic carbohydrates.
† In the diabetes nutritional products category.
‡ NHANES data on file. 2017.
Nutrition information sourced from the USDA National Nutrient Database. https://ndb.nal.usda.gov
Glucerna is the #1 brand recommended by doctors for people with diabetes.
Use Glucerna under medical supervision as part of your diabetes management plan.